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What’s the Blackbox difference?

Teaching Distinctions

Bored of the same ole topics? We look for Distinctions to present to you so that you can draw deeper meanings from them and apply them to your own work.

Learning Engagement

We are not computers, so why should learners be treated like computers being fed data? We believe that every learner is unique and needs to be engaged to meet his/her learning needs. Using brain-based learning techniques we aim to make very training session effective for you.

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The quality of our training is assured because of :


ACCT Training Accreditation – Our training is designed according to the ACCT standards and accredited to meet both the Training Standards and Staff Competencies in the Operation Standards. We are the second Professional Vendor Member (PVM) in Asia to be accredited and FIRST in Singapore.


Qualified Course Professional (QCP) – Our staff delivering the training meet ACCT’s Qualified Course Professional criteria to ensure qualities delivery. They all have years of experience conducting challenge course activities and managing courses.


Peer-Reviewed Every 3 Years – Our trainings are reviewed and re-accredited every three years by ACCT. This ensures that we stay abreast with the latest development in the industry and ACCT Standards. The accreditation process is rigorous with documentation reviews, interviews, and site visits by a fellow PVM and an Administrative Reviewer.


Careful Scaffolding & Skill Building – Our training breaks down the necessary skills into manageable chunks and we carefully scaffold each of them to build the foundation and strengthen them into advanced skills.


Develop Critical Thinking Practitioners – Instead of simply rote learning, we develop critical thinking among our participants through understanding and the application of principles.

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