Pre-Use Checklists and their uses

Blackbox OE’s Managing Director and Co-Founder – Lye Yen Kai, was recently interviewed for a Channel NewsAsia article.

After outdoor mishaps with schoolkids, instructors now required to go through detailed checklists – CNA

Did you know? As part of the ACCT Operations Standards, we have been advising site operators to make use of a pre-use checklist to not only document their checks but to help guide the staff on the ground in their checks. The checklists also provide an opportunity for supervisors to ensure that checks have been completed before commencing the programme.

Some supervisors for example will require the individual instructors to take a copy of the respective elements they are checking, after he has allocated the tasks. The instructors will then perform the checks and complete the checklists before returning them to the supervisor. They will also update the supervisor on any issues they encountered in the checks. Any element that is defective can then be addressed by the supervisors. Once all the checklists are in and completed (compared to a verbal reporting system), the supervisor can then be assured that the checks are completed.

After two unfortunate accidents in Singapore, parents are understandably worried for their children at Challenge Course activities. It’s initiatives like these that can help increase the level of safety awareness and reduce the potential for accidents.

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