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Let us help unpack Outdoor Education (OE) theories and concepts so that you can have more consistent results when you work with participants and students. Here are some workshops we conduct.

Enhanced Facilitation Skills (EFS)

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EFS36 - 28, 29 Nov

Whilst many think of facilitation and as an art, we have always felt that facilitation is BOTH an Art and a Science.

An artist needs to first learn the Science , like the different types of brushes, colour matching, paint strokes etc. before he makes Art. He then refines his Art through repetition, practice and guidance from masters.

In the EFS workshop, we will help unpack the Science behind facilitation so that you can then start creating Art. In this workshop you will learn :

  • 3 Distinctions that make Debriefing work;
  • 5 Framing Techniques;
  • 5 Key Debriefing Techniques that can be applied in various ways.

Who should attend?

For Experienced Facilitators

  • You will get more consistent results in facilitation.
  • You will understand why certain things work when you facilitate (and why some don’t!)
  • You will experience a more structured way of understanding facilitation.

For Novice Facilitators

  • You will improve your facilitation skills.
  • You will build up your debriefing competencies.
  • You will start to get a grip on facilitation!

This is the foundational level of our range of workshops on facilitation. It builds the necessary skills for our next levels of workshops that will explore the deepening of the learning process.

Debriefing is one of the hardest skills to learn for a facilitator. Beginning faciltiators tend to leave it to chance and experience a “hit-and-miss” with facilitation sessions. This workshop will help you make sense of facilitation and help give you consistent results in debriefing or reflection sessions.

Want to be a better facilitator and really reap the learning from that last activity? Join our EFS workshop now!

EFS36 - 28, 29 Nov Download Workshop Description
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Intentional Programme Design (IPD)

This workshop helps adventure programme designers design programmes in an intentional manner. In our experience, programme designers often experience “Hit-and-Miss” results in their programming where it works for some, but misses for others.

Whilst this workshop will not be a “miracle silver bullet”, it will help increase the likelihood of your adventure programme impacting more participants and make you more intentional in your programming.

Takeaways from this workshop include :

  • Understanding Educative and Un-educative Learning Experiences;
  • Going beyond the basics of Tuckman’s Group Development stages;
  • Adventure Programme Sequencing based on research models – Multi-Level Programming;
  • Intentional Activity Design;
  • Integrating the Adventure Wave into Programme Design;
  • Insights into implementing
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Join us if you want to design intentionally with deeper considerations. You will find yourself,

  • Designing better adventure programmes;
  • Drawing more participants into your activities;
  • Gaining more specific insights into adventure programming.

NOTE : The IPD workshop is part of the Advanced Challenge Course Practitioner (ACCP) course as it helps fulfil the facilitation competencies for the ACCT Level 2 (Full Track) Practitioner Certification. For more information on the ACCP course, click here.

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IPD - 3, 4 June

Impactful Activity Design (IAD)

To be frank, we did not come up with this workshop…

Our participants in our popular Enhanced Facilitation Skills (EFS) workshop gave us the idea to come up with this using the Activity Design process we introduced. They wanted more time to delve deeper into the considerations behind designing an impactful activity. 

So here we are, the IAD workshop is really an add-on to the EFS that will help sharpen your activity design. This workshop will focus on designing experiential activities with peak experience(s).

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to :

  • Design an experiential activity with a peak experience;
  • Place triggers in the activity to bring about the peak experience;
  • Use framing techniques to adjust the experience;
  • Design suitable debriefing questions to meet the activity objective.

Upcoming Workshops:

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IAD - 3 July Download Workshop Description

Some other workshops…

We are constantly adding on to our list of workshops because we have just so much to share!

Here are some ad-hoc workshops that focuses on more specific topics facing Outdoor Educators. Check back here for new workshops or better still, suggest to us what topics would you like to learn about? We’ll be glad to design something if there’s interest so as to benefit everyone!

Implementation of Challenge by Choice

Challenge by Choice is a key concept often used by experiential learning educators in your activities. Let us help unpack this concept further and delve deeper into the intricacies needed to bring about true Challenge by Choice in your activities.

Download Workshop Description

Experiential Learning Activity Design

Let us help enhance your activity design. Experiential Learning is in itself active in nature. But every learner responds differently to the activity. How can we increase the success of the activity we design? How can we constantly achieve success?

Risk Management

Risk management is a big part of the activities we do. Our learners can be exposed to some risk in order to enhance the learning objectives at times. But how much risk is too much risk? Let us help develop a comprehensive risk management plan that will enhance your activities.


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