Comprehensive and Professional Consultation Service to help create or improve your SOP’s or Programme Design.

When it comes to our consulting services, we aim to be a partner and a guide to meet your organisation’s objectives. Between our staff, we have over 50 years of experience working in the outdoors and in programme design. We know what works (and what doesn’t…) because chances are that we have also experienced what you are going through before. This makes us “practitioners” and allows us to share with you practical, applicable options. It also gives us the unique ability to empathise and contextualise with what your organization is going through.

What do we do?

a. Create SOPs and Risk Management processes
Using our Risk-based Approach to SOP Development, let us help create your Standard Operating Procedures and Risk Assessment & Risk Assessment & Management processes.

b. Review documents and processes
Let us be your guide as we help review your documents and processes using a Process or Expert Consulting approach.

c. Activity or Programme Design 
Create impactful activities and programme intentionally so that your organization provides the experience you want your participants to have.

d. Coaching Challenge Course Managers 
Tasked to manage a Challenge Course but feel like you need some guidance? We can help coach and mentor the Challenge Course Manger to perform their roles in the Challenge Ropes Course (CRC) environment.

Here are some organisations we have consulted for:
  • ITE College Central
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) Physical, Sports and Outdoor Education Branch (PSOEB)
  • Greendale Secondary School
  • MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centres
  • Outdoor Specialist
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark
  • Nomad Adventure
  • Innotrek
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • National Cadet Corps
  • Christ Church Secondary School

Every organization has its unique challenges. That’s why it’s hard to prescribe one-sized-fits-all solutions. Contact us for a no obligations chat first to see how Blackbox OE can help. 

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