Challenge Course Manager (CCM) Course

Ready to take on a different role in the Challenge Ropes Course (CRC) environment? This course is unlike any other CRC courses as it deals with significant management issues of operating a CRC. At the end of the day, you should have a better understanding of :

  1. Is my Organisation doing what we are suppose to be doing?
  2. What are we doing?
  3. How are we doing?


This workshop is designed for:

  • Seasoned practitioners with 500 hours of challenge course operation and management experience.
  • Practitioners who will be or are currently managing a challenge course.
  • Practitioners who want to pursue an ACCT CCM Certification.

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At the end of the course you will be able to :

  • Plan for the daily operations of the CRC;
  • Determine and maintain the training standards for staff at the CRC; and
  • Implement an emergency plan at the CRC.

I'm Interested! Tell me more...

  • The CCM Course is a 3-Day classroom-based workshop.
  • It comes with a complementary 1-year ACCT Individual Membership, which will give you access to the ACCT Standards and many other CRC resources.
  • The pre-requisites for the course are :
    •  At least 21 years old.
    • At least 500 hours of documented work experience including working with groups, programme coordination, administration and supervision.

I want to get ACCT CCM Certified...

  • I got you! To qualify for ACCT CCM Certification, you will need to have at least 500hrs of documented work experience. 
  • To receive a Full Track certification, you will need to demonstrate experience working on a variety of belay systems.
  • The assessment will be 1/2 Day and consists of a written assessment.
  • Practitioners who pass the assessment will be awarded an ACCT CCM (Full Track / Site Specific) Certification depending on their work experience.

Hang on, but what's the difference between Full Track and Site Specific certifications?

  • Let me explain. In the ACCT,  practitioners with  Full Track certificates have demonstrated that they are competent on a variety of belay systems and speciality elements. Hence they are able to operate at any site, PROVIDED they have gone through a familiarisation of the site.
  • There are also practitioners with Site Specific certifications because they have demonstrated competency operating the belay systems and speciality elements at a specific site. 


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