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Pre-Use Checklists and their uses

Blackbox OE’s Managing Director and Co-Founder – Lye Yen Kai, was recently interviewed for a Channel NewsAsia article. After outdoor mishaps with schoolkids, instructors now required to go through detailed checklists – CNA Did you know? As part of the ACCT Operations Standards, we have been advising site operators to make use of a pre-use […]

Sequencing your questions

Your students have just completed a very exciting activity. You can see them brimming with excitement as they can’t help but talk about the experience with their friends. “Now’s the time!” you thought and you fire the first question of your debrief session. “OK gang, so what did you learn most about yourself in the […]

Instructing for Understanding

Most trainers will tell you that just because you teach something, doesn’t always equate to the learner understanding it. Especially when it comes to very complex actions that have to be performed under stressful situations. This is especially common at the Challenge Ropes Course (CRC) where our instructors-to-be have to learn to take care of […]

Debriefing… Not Again…

What happens when you mention the word “debrief” to participants? We typically get a collective groan (at best), some eye-rolling, and strangely participants tend to gather in a circle before sitting down. When we get them to reflect or talk further, we generally get more “textbook”, “motherhood statement” kind of answers. Somehow it gets difficult […]

What is an ACCT PVM?

Blackbox OE has been a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) with the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) since 2014 (previously as Pivotal Learning Pte. Ltd.). A PVM is a company that has successfully completed an accreditation process for the areas they would like to be accredited in. For Blackbox OE, our focus has always been […]

Suspension syndrome: a scoping review and recommendations from the International Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine (ICAR MEDCOM)

There are very few studies done on Harness Hang Syndrome, Suspension Trauma, Suspension Syndrome. These are just some of the terms used to describe the unfortunate event when a climber is suspended in a harness for a long period of time causing him/her to pass out and even suffer a cardiac arrest. We recently came […]