ACCT Certifications

Ready to get certified?

Certification helps validate your skills and makes you a more confident practitioner.


Here at Blackbox we do Competency Based Assessment where the actual skills demonstration during the assessment will be our only source of reference for your certification.


Every assessment will be conducted in a fair and holistic manner. Your assessment will be conducted in the following flow :

  1. Briefing on the assessment

  2. Walk-through of the stations

  3. Clarifications


We conduct our assessments based on the standards (and not to our personal preferences) to ensure that you can have a fair assessment. This will allow you to validate your skills and make you a more confident practitioner!

ACCT Certifications we offer...

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Requirements for Certification

There are pre-requisites for certification. These usually take the form of work experience hours or training hours accumulated in your practice. For more details refer to the respective certification pages or contact us for clarifications. 

Re-Certification (recert)

When it’s time for a recert, just contact us about 3 months before your certification expires and we will advise you on the next available date for your recert. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be able to take the assessment. If not, sign up for the next available refresher training before attempting the assessment for certification. 

Check out the respective certifications page for more details on certification.