About Us

Before Blackbox OE, there was… 

We are a proud offshoot of Pivotal Learning! Drawing from the experiences of being a pioneer in the Outdoor Education Industry, we decided to dedicate ourselves to training outdoor educators and that’s when Blackbox OE was formed in 2022.  

And then came Blackbox…

With Blackbox OE in place, we are fully dedicated to help outdoor educators further unpack outdoor education (OE)! 

We feel your eagerness to learn more and to improve, hence we are constantly looking out for distinctions to help improve the experience you are providing. Participants should benefit from the experiences you are providing and we are here to provide you with the skillsets to do better.

Blackbox OE is also a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) with the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). A PVM is a highly experienced and competent company in the industry, committed to the ACCT Standards and have gone through stringent review on ACCT Accreditation Policies and Procedures. Since 2014, we – through Pivotal Learning, have been actively training and certifying challenge course practitioners in the region and advancing the adoption of the ACCT standards in Singapore. In 2015, Pivotal Learning was the FIRST PVM in Singapore for Training and Certification and we have since gone on to become the leader in Challenge Course training and certification. 

Since 2020, our staff have also been certified as ACCT Operation Reviewers so as to help provide auditing and Operation Accreditation services to Challenge Courses in the region.

Blackbox OE became an organizational member of the Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education (OLAE) association in 2023. Being a member of OLAE signifies our commitment to advancing the field of outdoor education as we share expertise, exchange best practices and collectively shape the future of outdoor learning and adventure education in Singapore. 

Our Services

Blackbox OE provides the following services :


We offer a range of courses and workshops for Experiential Learning Practitioners and Outdoor Educators. These can range from facilitation skills to hard-skills training on the Challenge Ropes Course, or even bite-sized OE workshops.


We make a clear distinction between training and certifications. Our certification services help validate your skills so that you can confidently say that you are able to perform the task. We provide the ACCT Level 1 and 2 certifications as well as the Challenge Course Manager certification. We are also able to provide Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS) and Singapore National Abseiling Standards (SNAS) certifications under the Singapore Sport Climbing and  Mountaineering Federation (SSCMF).


With more than 20 years of outdoor experience under our belts, we have developed a keen eye for details in outdoor related activities. This allows us to offer organisations with unique insights into their operations and processes. We provide the ACCT Operations Review services for Challenge Course site operators, as well as SOP / RAMS review and development services for outdoor organisations.

Here are some organisations that we have worked with in the last five years:

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