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A complex system or design whose internal workings are hidden or not readily understood.

We felt like this was a bit like OE. We know it works from years of experience, but we often fail to unpack “why” it works. Hence at Blackbox OE, we provide Outdoor Educators with distinctive learning experiences so that YOU can be confident of providing better OE experiences for YOUR participants. Let us help unpack what happens in the black box so that you get consistent results, and you start standing out from other outdoor instructors. Let us help you unpack the true power of OE!

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Suspension syndrome: a scoping review and recommendations from the International Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine (ICAR MEDCOM)

There are very few studies done on Harness Hang Syndrome, Suspension Trauma, Suspension Syndrome. These [...]




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Enhanced Facilitation Skills Workshop (6, 7 April 2024)

Want to get more consistent results in debriefing? Through practical application, let us help you understand what makes debriefing work (hint: it’s everything you do BEFORE debriefing). Let us help you delve into the bolts and nuts of facilitation so that you can be sure of landing the learning points when you conduct your activity.

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Let Blackbox OE help improve your organisation’s operations and processes. We have the expertise to deliver a comprehensive and professional consultation service.


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