SSCMF Courses

Get quality climbing instruction through
an engaging learning experience!

We offer Singapore Sports Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (SSCMF) certification courses too! Helmed by an instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching climbing and abseiling, we provide quality climbing instruction to make you a safe and independent climber so that you can pursue your climbing adventures! 

Interested in pursuing a Sport Climbing Instructor Certification or a Sport Climbing Activity Supervisor Certification? We know that proper education and mentorship is important so let us guide and mentor you through the process so that you can then deliver the same level of instruction to the next generation of climbers.

SSCMF Courses / Certifications

  • Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS)

    • Sport Climbing Level 1 : Introduction to Sport Climbing

    • Sport Climbing Level 2 : Lead Climbing skills

    • Sport Climbing Level 3 : Multi-pitch Climbing skills

    • Sport Climbing Activity Supervisor Certification 

    • Sport Climbing Instructor Course


  • Singapore National Abseiling Standards (SNAS)

    • Abseil Proficiency Level 1 : Introduction to Abseiling

    • Abseil Proficiency Level 2 : Advanced abseiling skills

Have a group that would like to get certified? Or you would like to work towards a particular certification? Or you would just like to pick up some new skills? 

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